Egg-laying block machine mod. M150

A new concept for a mobile block machine that has been designed to add the production of pavers alongside usual high quality production of blocks and kerbstones. To that end the machine is provided with double (side and top) vibration and can easily vary the height of production. Reliability is guaranteed since this machine stems from the time tested 1000A6. The mould is slightly smaller to allow an even vibration and a better compression to result in a good quality production of pavers and any solid concrete product.

Easy and effortless to operate M150 is the ideal entry-level compromise machine for a small business who is willing to start out with maximum versatility and minimum equipment.


Egg-laying semiautomatic block machine with manual loading
Front and upper circular horizontal vibration with automatic stop
High impact weight compression; extra vibration on press.
Hydraulic delivery with torsion bar; press is hydraulically lifted
Mould size: cm 108 x 52 Height: Min 5 - Max 30 cm
Machine size: cm 184 x 196 x h192 - weight kg  1.900
6 motors total power Hp 9,9 (kW 7,3)
Space required for one day (8 hours) of production and drying: 1.200
Ancillary equipment needed: planetary mixer 6 m3/hour + high capacity wheelbarrow

Hourly production





Cycles per hour



(100 cm)


Blocks per mould
20x40x20: 5 pcs
15x40x20: 7 pcs
10x40x20: 10 pcs

Pavers per mould
20X10: 25 pcs 

 Kerbs per mould
12/15x100x25: 3 pcs


Plant example:




Technical sheet


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