Cadonà block making machines are produced using first quality components that ensure sturdiness of construction, reliability, production efficiency and easiness of service in any possible work-setting.
All interchangeable components, all parts liable of deterioration and hydraulic elements have been studied to semplify assistence and afford an easy service by local technicians who will not have to undergo troublesome and expensive disassembling.

Stationary block machines

produce blocks stripping them on a pallet. Their points of strength are versatility and top quality of cement end-product. It is advisable to employ stationary block making machines to produce "fine" elements such as pavers, kerbstones and decorative elements. Yet their versatility enables them to produce also excellent wall blocks.

Experience tip: always produce pavers with a stationary machine.

In fact on stationary block making machines vibration and compression have been studied extressedly to obtain an even filling of the mould, high density, compressive strength and uniform texture. This will guarantee an excellent output of cement elements that will stand the test of time and wear without losing beauty and strength.

Egg-laying block machines

If you look for a block making machine that ensures an excellent production of wall blocks on a large scale, then an egg-laying machine is the one you need.
In fact egg-laying block making machines can afford a significant production; besides they strip directly on the concrete floor and need no stocking structure for blocks curing. Their point of strength is productivity and efficiency.

Experience tip: if wall blocks and ceiling blocks are your core business prefer an egg-laying block making machine.


Spare parts

Download the spare parts list for our machines.

Warning: when ordering your spare parts please kindly quote number plate of your block machine.